WorldFest 2014

On the 31st May 2014 Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust shall be celebrating the WorldFest event at La Valletta square in Valletta. During the day there will be:


Forum Discussion at 10.15am “Clean Food - A fundamental human right or the privilege of a few”

11.00 am till 2pm: Recycled Percussion Jam – Live Music by Peter Paul and Nik X Conti from Tribali accompanied by the public;

Living Library at 2.30pm, with participants being a book on Fair Trade, Gay Person, a Biological Farmer and a sub-Saharan Immigrant;

At 4.30pm Informal-Educational Activities with the Public;

All throughout the day there will be stalls with Fair Trade food, drinks, handicrafts, artisan products, toys, jewellery, CDs, musical instruments, books, ornaments, masks, pottery, carpets, clothes and textiles from Latin America, Africa and South Asia.


After 11.30am there will also be the serving food from Eritrea, Palestine and Sudan, holding a Clothes Swapping party and having face painting activities for children.


Ms. Silvia D’Arrigo, one of the organizers said that “The slogan Mill-Art għal fuq l-Ixkaffa (From the Earth to the Shelf) has been chosen to shed light on the human element in the production of goods, which often involves many people from developing countries wherein labour rights and safety standards at the work place are not respected".


The theme chosen for this year’s WorldFest is Fair Trade People and activities shall be focused on the people who produce Fair Trade products and how could we, as responsible consumers, make choices to support the producers of Fair Trade. By doing so we would ensure that goods which we purchase from southern countries have been produced in dignity.


Participation in all activities is free.


For further information contact

Mehdi Karimi ( / 79462818)

Sina Pisani ( / 79304951 / 21244865)


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WorldFest 2014

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