Participate in the making of the European Summit for ethical Consumption in Bonn, 19th-21rst of June 2015

The European network for ethical consumption ISHPOPFAIR is happy to present to you all the European Youth Summit for Ethical Consumption in Bonn, Germany form 19th-21st of June 2015. By this summit we aim to visualize the many consume-critical projects and alternatives. We want to strengthen the network of people active for a world in balance, and aim to shape a framework and demands.  

The project team is looking for your support in elaborating the different elements and blocks of the summit. We need your Ideas, your knowledge, your views to make this summit a highlight in our quest for a better future for all!

We need support to find and invite the politicians most involved/ commited in this topic,
We need support to organise the most fun and effective public action,
We need support to bring together the most inspiring consumption-alternatives,
We need support to make this summit known and talked about,
We need support to create the most wonderful atmosphere during the summit!

Commitment can be given in a lot of ways!

If you are motivated to share your time, energy and inspiration to our cause, mail us and tell us in which part of the preparation you want to be involved! Stefan Robbrecht-Roller from Austria coordinates the formation of working groups.


We would be delighted to welcome you to our team.