Political Demands

Results of the workshop „Elaboration of Political Demands“ during the European Youth Summit for Ethical Consumption


Political framework and laws could change crucial issues, also in ethical consumption frames. How do we reach politicians? How can we address our demands? We discussed and drafted our concrete demands on politicians and politics.

Workshop Leader: Daniel Kim Hügel (CIR)

Participants of Austria, Germany, Malta, and Poland discussed – using different methods of learning – developed their own political demands concerning labor rights and environmental issues. Arnold Cassola, former Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the European Green Party (EGP), informed the youths about their possibilities of participation on a European level of politics and reported about his experiences in the European Parliament.

They particpants demand the following points from politicians on all levels:

  1. Transparency in the processes of production (social and technical level)
  2. Trade agreements should respect environmental and social (labor rights etc.) issues
  3. Guarantee of long duration time for products, especially electronics, clothes etc. – they have to be recyclable
  4. More control about (electronic, chemical etc.) waste and water/ soil pollution
  5. Impose barriers on the import of products regarding labor and human rights
  6. Ensure that companies take corporate responsibility for their workers’ education, health, safety at work etc.
  7. External and hidden costs (such as pollution, waste removal etc.) should be included in the costs of production and selling price of a product.
  8. Funds for education to raise awareness about production processes and social/ environmental problems connected with it
  9. Funds and support international organizations that observe the production chains
  10. Encourage the development of a certification for ethically produced products
  11. Funds for start-ups that recycle/ repair (electronic) devices
  12. Ban of agro-fuels
  13. Ban of commercials addressed on children
  14. Promotion of an eco-friendly lifestyle

to be continued...