The closing date for applications has come now.

We are very excited about the applications for the I SHOP FAIR best practice competition. Thank you for all the inspiring projects!

What are the next steps? Until mid of April we will prepare all 73 projects for the rating. This collection of projects with the respective submitted materials will be evaluated by an international jury made up of people from the project countries Germany, Malta, Austria and Poland.

What will be evaluated?

• effort
• creativity
• innovation
• transferability (= easy to copy and spread in other contexts)
• effects on the public / the participants
• long-term effectiveness and sustainability

What is the procedure of awarding? At the beginning of May the top 3 of each category (Public Action, Alternative Consumption Project, Eco-Fair Structural Consumption Change) in the two age groups (up to 20 years/ older than 20 years) will be announced and notified, without letting them know their placing – to keep the excitement for the award show.

The prizes will be awarded on the 20th of June 2015 at 8 pm at the European Youth Summit for Ethical Consumption 2015 in Bonn/Germany. If you can’t come to Bonn, of cause we will award the price to you in an alternative way.

+++ Competition on "Ethical Consumption" +++

"Saving" groceries (photo: Pfarrjugend Seefelden)
Clothes Swap Party (photo: BDKJ)


Shopping without packaging! Street theatre! Panel discussions! Clothes swap parties! Reducing consumption habits!

You have new ideas similar to these or even better??
- Present your ideas and win a sponsorship!

The Competition

With the “Best Practice Competition on Ethical Consumption” the I Shop Fair Project wants to support initiatives and projects raising awareness of ethical consumption.
Come up with an inspiring, innovative, engaging, thoughtful, practical or cool idea encouraging the people around you to consume in an ecological, social, fair and/or sustainable way and apply to win money!
The prizes will be awarded to initiatives or projects that encourage people either on a local, national or international level.

Why “Ethical consumption”  and “Best Practice”?

The consumption patterns of individuals, youth groups, sport clubs, communities and entire cities have strong impacts on the global production and working conditions. It is no secret that these are often unfair, dangerous and literally crying out for improvement – especially in the “Global South”.

The I Shop Fair Campaigners believe in young people’s boundless range of bright ideas to develop initiatives for a fairer world in a creative way. That’s why we want to encourage you to turn your ideas into reality!
Therefore I Shop Fair will be promoting these projects to inspire others to imitate or adapt these new ideas.
If agreed by the submitters, all of the proposals submitted for the competition will be published on This way none of the forward-thinking proposals will remain unnoticed.

What kind of projects can be submitted?

I Shop Fair is open to any project that gives the public an understanding of “Ethical Consumption“. Any idea that engages people to think about responsible consumption will be admissible for the  competition!

What are the categories?

There are 3 categories:

  1. Best Public Action (e.g. fl ashmobs, postcard actions, panel discussions, creative info-booths, etc…)
  2. Best Alternative Consumption Project (e.g. clothes swap parties, repair cafes, ‘cutting-back-on-consumption’ experiments, etc…)
  3. Best Eco-Fair Structural Consumption Change (e.g. change of supplier to fair trade products, replace products, fair purchasing in communities, sport clubs, schools, etc…)
Info-booth on fairtrade (photo: Aktionsgruppe Leonberg)

Who can participate?

Any group of at least two people can take part. No matter whether you already started a project or
whether you are still in the planning process, we are very curious about new, innovative proposals!
There is no age restriction and we’d like to invite anyone who is young-at-hearts to apply.
In each of the 3 categories the two best projects will be awarded according to the age groups:

  • up to 20 years
  • older than 20 years

This competition is being launched in Poland, Malta, Austria and Germany, but we also warmly welcome participants from other countries.

…so why should I take part?

Enjoy realizing your project and spreading your idea all over Europe and at the same time win the price that shall support your future work!

  1. price: 1000 €
  2. price: 500 €
  3. price: 250 €

Additionally winners will receive a travel package to attend the European Consumption Summit that will take place in Germany in Bonn, Germany from 19th to 21st of June 2015!

Click here for the application form
More questions?  See our FAQs
...and take a glance at our Flyer concerning the competion!