Ethical Consumption

Protest of the Clean Clothes Campain in front of the Federal Chancellor's Office

Ethical consumption is part of a sustainable lifestyle. Ethical consumers are aware of the different social and ecological impacts of goods and their production. These social and ecological impacts play an important role in their purchasing decision. Therefore, Ethical consumption means to consciously prefer goods and services that they assess to be socially and ecologically sustainable.

The concept of Ethical consumption goes beyond just the conscious buying decision and does not only take place in shops or supermarkets. Ethical consumption means to take on responsibility and actively demand from companies their compliance in maintaining certain social and ecological standards. This can be achieved through various methods – e.g. activities by network groups or Urgent Actions and etc. As a consequence, consumers become the drivers for change – the image of the end-consumer as a passivist is a thing of the past.
Ethical consumption therefore means taking on responsibility and making an active contribution towards change for a more socially just, as well as sustainable economy.
The aspect of social justice is the main focus of the I SHOP FAIR network.

A Network for ethical consumption

I SHOP FAIR is a european Network of consumers that stands up for a social and ecological subsistence strategy. For this reason we offer activists  room to present their activities. Furthermore we give information about the workingconditions of employees of the South.

Der Campesino am Kreuz aus Spaten und Mistgabel.

The Christliche Initiative Romero (Christian Initiative Romero - CIR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the poor and to act as a link between different worlds.
It has a strong interest in the social and political development in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras and actively supports people and organizations in Central America trying to build a fair and sustainable society. Our aim is to build bridges between Central America and Europe by demonstrating solidarity in the south and raising awareness for southern problems in the western countries.


The Bund der deutschen katholischen Jugend (Association of German Catholic Youth - BDKJ) is the umbrella organisation of 16 catholic youth associations and organisations. Its main task is the representation of interests of its members within politics, church and society. BDKJ wants to encourage girls' and boys' critical opinion and decision making and enable self-contained action on the basis of Christian responsibility. This implies the commitment for a just and solidary world. Critical consumption (used synonymical to ethical consumption) is an important topic and goal of BDKJ already for many years. 

Wir sind der Wind

Südwind Agentur bases its work on the principles of the non-partisan, nondenominational ÖIE. Südwind Agentur was founded in 1997 as a non-profit NGO engaged in PR, information and educational work in the field of international development. Südwind is financed through national and international public funds and private contributions. Südwind applies the unique international development expertise it has acquired to both its teaching work, particularly „Global Learning“, and its PR and Campaign work.

Logo KKG

Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust is a Maltese-registered Fair Trade Cooperative, set up in 1996. Since then it has been constantly active in the promotion of fair values in trade through regular outreach programs in the form of formal, non-formal and informal learning processes. This work aims for and achieves the empowerment of the Cooperative's members, its associates and partners, members of the civil society and the general public, who are educated in becoming more active, socially responsible and critical citizens and consumers.

Logo of IGO Poland

Institute of Global Responsibility is a nongovernmental think– do– tank.IGO represents human rights approach to development, supports initiatives of global South CSOs, focuses on advocacy and lobbying, educates on global citizenship. IGO works on the topics of rights to food, tax and investment justice as well as actions aimed at reducing global inequalities and respecting human rights worldwide.